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It’s all coming together nicely…

That was a great week of teaching… the shock is starting to wear off and I’m getting into my stride. I really like all my students, and feel like I’m making a connection. I don’t know how much their English is actually improving grammatically, but their increasing confidence and motivation is truly rewarding.

Leonard de Vinci

I’m finding that the more I prepare a lesson myself, and the less I use the text-books the more success I have. I guess that makes sense really as I then know what I’m trying to achieve out of the lesson.

With the Premieres this week we watched the you-tube phenomenon – the 2009 Susan Boyle audition for Britain’s Got Talent, and then worked on an article from “The Week” about her, using a questionnaire I’d prepared. It went really well – then they did an interview of each other, (which I’ve brought home to mark) – again, really successful. With the Secondes, we’ve been following our ‘crime’ theme, and they all had to write a police report from a fun murder investigation, with four suspects and an audio piece (that didcome from a book)… I’m marking that too, and they’ve produced really good work.

the corridors!

Last night, Friday, Joe and I had the most wonderful meal together at the Galta restaurant in Monistrol. We had planned to go to a concert, but were having such a lovely time we never made it!

And today… big lie-in and Saturday movie day… at home…with hotdogs, popcorn, sweeties and pizza tonight!

Movie Saturday

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  1. hillary says:

    Manny! I’ve just found a moment to catch up on your blog, here at my brother’s house for the Thanksgiving week. Wowza! Teaching at lycee? Good on ya! I will certainly be following along your latest project. Sounds like a huge challenge, and if I know you, you’re always up for a big gig! Best of luck with it!
    I’ve been meaning to phone, but now I see you’re as busy as I’ve been lately. Will definitely put in a call over the Xmas holidays. Miss you all so much! xoxoo Hills

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