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11/11/11 Armistice Day and long weekend!

Wednesday was a breeze, early start, but early finish, and I had three really nice lessons all with the same year group.

Brought Harry back with me – I just love being at the same school as one of my children. It’s such a privilege to be sharing his space, and to feel so welcome. I passed him in the corridor first thing Wednesday morning – (he’d stayed at school Monday and Tuesday nights, so I hadn’t seen him for a few days) – kissed him hello… it’s just so easy and natural! I’m so glad he’s not embarrassed to have me around – or feels like I’m intruding on his domain.

I also get the inside story on what the students think of my lessons too, which is an unbelievable luxury! So far so good I think… (well that’s what they tell Harry anyway!)

Word is my classes are fun and interesting… and they like my full-on energetic approach, and relentless encouragement!

Bought a few treats on the way home, and we all spent a lovely mellow afternoon together – made fajitas and watched the latest episode of Glee as we waited for Joe to drive back from Barcelona!

Thursday was a great teaching day too… though long, with my 2 hour evening class at the CCI finishing at 8pm.

I trundled home, listening to Frank Skinner podcasts in the van… knowing that Friday was a holiday, and excited about the long weekend!

Lovely surprise – Luke‘s little white car was parked outside the house. He’s taken over a couple of local private classes for me – they’re going really well for him; and as he was nearby he stopped for supper… and a couple of days of family time.

We’re such a close family, but real life means we’re often reduced to various mini-combinations – with Joe away, or Harry boarding in the week, and Luke in his Uni room, the dynamic is constantly changing… quite a difference to our year in the bus where we were together 24/7!

I enjoy the variety, and I love the growing independence of our children… but best of all is the treat of all six of us round the table. Joe had prepared a delicious meal… there was a candle-lit table laid, and even though we were all in various shades of exhaustion… it was magical!

This morning – an undisturbed lie-in… tea in bed… another family meal, this time pancakes prepared by Arthur.

Family Breakfast!

Make a banana pancake...

...pretend like it's the weekend...

So a beautiful sunny day, three washes done… and a final lesson with my fascinating and delightful student Jean-Louis Pichon –  who was the Artistic Director of The Opera Housein St Etienne for twenty five years!

A beautiful day...

And so another week comes to a close… satisfying and rewarding. It seems to all be coming together nicely. Taking nothing for granted – I still need to be fully prepared for every minute of every class with “plan B’s”  at the ready, as I have nothing to fall back on, and whilst I have three years of teaching experience with adults, I’ve no teacher training to speak of… so I have to make it up as I go along… it’s as exhilarating as it is scary!

More next week!

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