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Precious Mellow Tuesday!

Not taken this week - but this is Monistrol where I work!

So I don’t work at the lycĂ©e on Tuesdays… and it’s a welcome day of recovery and preparation!

Yesterday – Monday- was a long old day! –

Four lessons in the morning back-to back; a mix of 1ere (including Harry for one lesson!) and 2nde ; a mix of first, second, third and fourth lessons; a half-hour lunch break (when I attended a staff meeting of those who want to learn English!! I seem to have volunteered myself – why do I find it so hard to say ‘no’? – curse of the freelancer I guess!)

Then ran back to two more classes, having shamelessly eaten my ham sandwich through the meeting – did a bit of marking in the staffroom, then staggered off to the Chamber of Commerce and did an evening class with the lovely Jocelyn until 8.30pm… then drove home in heavy fog!

Oh how well I slept!!

I had two classes do the test I’d prepared… it was too easy, but they all gave it their full attention, had clearly revised the grammar and vocab I’d asked them to (mostly!)… and when I got home, Beth helped me mark them, checking I hadn’t missed anything – she loved it!

The results are very high, but although it was easy, I felt they deserved the high notes as much for their attitude as the work itself.

I will make it more challenging next time though!

So today I had one class 1pm-3pm at the Barbier plastics factory with my two IT students.

I had a lovely relaxed morning, and saw Joe off to Barcelona – was here for breakfast, lunch (just) and when Beth and Arty got back from school – Nice!

I’ve got my lessons planned for the morning… (no classes in the afternoon).. and I’ll be bringing Harry back.

Just had a team tidy and done the washing up with Beth, Arty and Julien (Arty’s friend who’s staying the night!) and now it’s off to bed…

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