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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Nope…. it’s still not snowing! But we put the tree up yesterday, and it looks beautiful!

I’ve had literally no spare time, and I’ve really missed writing my blog, so thought I’d grab this little window tonight to give a quick update… don’t know why it feels so important, but I guess this just feels like such a big change for me personally, that chronicling it in a blog will give me something to look back on and remember how it felt!

inside every teachers handbag...

So a few weeks have passed since I last wrote. The lovely Emilie (who I’m replacing) has had her baby.. (Huge congrats to you  if you’re reading Emilie!). I’ve somehow managed to write 147 brief and fairly generic school reports (online)…and only had to correct four: one for bad grammar, and the other three for over zealous praise (when the marks didn’t tally)!

I’m one week in to a 3 week project with the Premieres (Harry’s age) which is going really well – really hope it ends as positively as it’s begun! We’re creating a Jeremy Kyle style daytime reality tv show – we watched a few of the unbelievable and jaw-droppingly ugly episodes… foully airing the very worst of English culture… then divided into groups and the guys are creating their own shocking scenarios, each group with it’s own host; and we film them all on Monday and Wednesday next week! The originality and enthusiasm has been fantastic… we’re too short of time to really do it justice, but I’m praying adrenalin and a good attitude and atmosphere will bring it all together in front of the camera!

The Secondes project started today… it takes a special place in my heart as I’m working with them to perform  a scene from Sherlock Holmes (quite ambitious linguistically- especially in two weeks!) Actually the scene is from the 2010 BBC Sherlock, but I’ve been re-reading Dad’s Secret of Sherlock Holmes, and re-loving it! The BBC version so cleverly translates the brilliantly described (by Doyle and Dad) first meeting between Holmes and Watson from Victorian London to today …it’s been a real treat to work on, and made me feel nicely connected to Dad…joining the dots a bit of the huge changes that this year has brought…

Gotta have it!

So two more weeks of school… parents evenings next week…. Hahaha! That will be an adventure; for me and the parents!

Then it’s a pre-Christmas concert on 16th at our precious L’Ours Maçon – Beth and Harry performing, Luke stuck in St Etienne with end of term exams (though he too is managing to fit in a concert on 9th December at the Zing Bar!)… then first thing Saturday morning we all pile in the car and drive to Roscoff, picking Luke up on route…take the overnight ferry to Plymouth where Joe will have opened his third and final Panto the night before, Then it’s the Atkins whistle-stop UK tour hugging as many relatives as we can for five days.

We return on 23rd/24th for a quiet family Christmas in Tence (hope we have some snow by then!)…. phew!

Thanks for reading, it could well be the new year before another blog appears, but you never know!

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