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Good Bye 2011 and a big optimistic hello to 2012!

Time to kiss 2011 goodbye and raise a glass to 2012.

Goodbye 2011!

It’s been a very mixed year for many of the people I love:  enormous and unexpected losses, some serious highs and lows…but some wonderful new friendships and new beginnings to nurture in 2012.

2011 – the year I lost my magnificent and precious Dad


2011  – the year I re-discovered my singing voice

2011 – the year I started teaching English in lycée… braving the staffroom and parents evenings; calling registers and marking homework!

Lycée Léonard de Vinci - Monistrol

2011 – the year Joe and I celebrated 21 years of marriage…

Still going strong…

another year where my extraordinary family gave meaning to everything I did…

Arty, Beth, Harry and Luke

and added love, laughter and support through good times and bad.


Mum and I

And so we start another new year, full of hope and optimism…

Lucky us...

Hopes and Dreams for 2012

This year I’m hoping for a chance to sing with a band – the seeds have been sown… oh please let them flourish!

This year promises a little more financial stability… oh please let it be so!

If you ever get to heaven – we shall keep on trucking.. need to make some strategic decisions and get it out there come what may!

This year… in May… I shall be 50… taking my time to get my head round that one, and decide just how I want to celebrate this astonishing event!

So to all who have taken the time to read this far – Thank you for your support! And here’s to a wonderful, healthy, happy, exciting, healing, dynamic, awesome year ahead… May all our hopes and dreams come true – I think we deserve it!!

Time to Sparkle...

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