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We have our 3 stars from the Tourist Office… we have our first guests arriving in a few days, through Airbnb, and we are fully booked until mid-March with a summer three-week booking too. Honestly we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We’ve given it so much love and attention, and I have to admit to having thoroughly enjoyed trying to get all the details right, and think of anything and everything a guest might need!

Click here for our Airbnb Listing, Website is on the way, as is our Facebook page and all the hype we can muster!!

Here are the beautiful photos Joe took for our publicity… with a few of mine thrown in! Can you spot them?

The beautifully hand-crafted bed
Cosy corner with Smart TV
There’s the single bed – with the privacy screen and hanging space
Lovely wide corridor – and my favourite photo of our empty barn all those years ago!

Private entrance, sofa bed, dining area
And our hand-built kitchen
bathroom with shower and loo
Sofa bed open…
…with plenty of room to eat
Bedside tables, lights and phone chargers
No plastic drawer dividers here!
all hand built!
Snow and sun… just the best !

So there it is! We did it!

And as I post now we have had Maeva and her two friends; Heloise and family (baby and toddler); Salomé (who’s coming back on Monday for another couple of weeks) and currently Melanie and her boyfriend are here with their little dog!

Without exception, everyone who has come has been delightful and delighted – leaving lovely reviews and a spotless flat. Joe and I are over the moon… it really feels lived in now in the nicest possible way – hearing the distant strains of laughter, and children is just lovely! And knowing that the care we’ve taken is really being appreciated, and that we feel no loss of privacy is a huge relief!

Back soon – thanks for reading!

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  1. Janet and David Atkins says:

    Well, what a splendid holiday home – big enough for anyone to live permanently there, very comfortably.
    The work you’ve both put in – Joe’s carpentry and Manny’s touches with all the other essentials are so professional.
    Very well done. Hope one day to see it ourselves. Jan and Dave, Mom and Dad. xx xx

    1. Manny says:

      Thank you Jan, you’ve been so involved in our renovation journey – and I so appreciate your lovely supportive comments – can’t wait to see you both when we’re able to travel again! xxxx

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