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We had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas here in Solignac – even though we couldn’t all be together physically, we were all with our loved ones, and we were together in spirit.

Beth’s Christmas video this year summed up our year with such grace…and her beautiful voice. And with all the difficulties and obstacles and sadnesses of the year, there was also joy and love and support and fun.

So here’s our 2020, and with it I send you love and peace and good health and strength to face 2021 with hope and crossed fingers!

A simple Christmas

We had a bit of snow mid-December, which didn’t last long – then on Christmas Eve it gently started snowing Hollywood-Christmas-Movie style… and by morning it was a true winter wonderland!

There were six of us gathered, and two dogs! Arty and Cass; Luke and Marie; Joe and I and Hindy and Nairobi !

Christmas snow ! All fell on Christmas Eve… woke up to this wonderful white Christmas!
Christmas morning, and a real fire for stocking opening
Having myself a merry little Christmas!
Just about enough food!
Nairobi and Hindy (Cass’s gorgeous Shih Tzu)

For when I look back at this, just to remind myself, we’re living through Covid lockdowns, curfews (8pm for a while, and currently 6pm) – we watched the storming of the Capitol and Biden’s emotional inauguration.

Covid has approached closer with friends and family battling the virus – some really suffering scary and painful symptoms. But I’m hopeful (ever the optimist!) that with vaccines and patience and not taking unnecessary risks… ‘This too shall pass’ and 2021 will see us turning the corner and entering the age of Aquarius – a uniting rather than more division. Talking of division, we have of course witnessed the UK’s graceless exit from the EU… a New Year’s Eve tinged with profound sadness.

Hey ho! Life goes on – and in our little corner of paradise we live to fight another day.

Finally, in news I’ve been bursting to share, but obliged to wait until they were ready… I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time!! Our beautiful Luke and his beautiful wife are expecting a baby at the beginning of June!

Marie and Luke and….

So there’s something to look forward to! Thrilled and excited doesn’t even begin to express how I feel about this ! If you watched the Christmas video, you may have spotted the hint!

I’m going to give all the apartment news in the next blog… we receive our first paying guests on Thursday 18th… also happens to be Joe’s birthday! So lots to tell, but I’ll separate it from Christmas news!

Be right back!

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  1. Lluani Williams says:

    That’s the most wonderful news!! Congratulations to the whole family!

    1. Manny says:

      Thank you!! Isn’t it exciting!!

  2. Katharine says:

    Congratulations! Love to you all! Xx

  3. Janet Atkins says:

    Another lovely blog Manny – they are always interesting and such lovely photos. bringing it all to life.
    looking forward to the next blog and good luck with visitors.

    1. Manny says:

      Thanks Jan,
      First night of visitors went very well! Second lot arrive tomorrow!

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