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Oh so much to tell! I had hoped to get to my blog sooner, but we have been working day and night to meet deadlines we’ve set ourselves before Luke and Marie’s wedding… which is now in two days! It’ll be the first time many of our family will be seeing the house, so we’ve been quite ambitious in what we wanted to get done before they come!

In other family news, Beth graduated with a FIRST in Film Production from UCA. What a triumph for our girl! We had the most amazing trip to the Royal Festival Hall for her graduation ceremony… oh so proud. She and Jacob have now moved to Brighton (yesterday! and then arrived today for the wedding!) Here’s her beautiful round up of her three years at Uni: (really worth spending a little time on her channel – and checking out her Birthday project videos, all cut to her own recordings of favourite songs)

Bedroom bliss

So having treated ourselves to a professional plastering downstairs, we are now back in our glorious bedroom, enjoying the ground floor position, opening out directly onto the field. It is truly idyllic! Everything we hoped it would be and so much more. We’ve painted the floorboards a light and breezy creamy white:

And Joe has built the most beautiful fireplace!

I’ve taken up the golden curtains we bought when we moved in, and have made a couple of cushions with the offcuts to go on the window seat!

We’ve gone for a deep blue hearth and bed-head wall.

And we love these pretty tiles Arty found for us…

The room is so cosy in the evening, with beautiful lighting (of course! I am married to a Lighting Designer!)

Our very own (and first ever) ensuite bathroom

We have finished our dream-bathroom – it truly is a dream!

The zebra… a work of Art(y)

Floors, floors and more floors

We’ve finished the floorboards upstairs too – finally no more OSB underfoot!

And we’ve made the bold decision to use reclaimed lauze (slate) tiles on our kitchen floor – they look awesome! Still got to grout between them, but really love the way they contrast with the wood:

First floor banisters

We’ve put the upstairs rail in, no longer a wall of cardboard boxes to block off the drop downstairs!

View from the bridge – from the top of the ship to the bottom!

Spoiler alert… Next blog will contain wedding photos!

I’m going to get this up now… there’s lots more to share, but there’s also a list of last-minute-wedding-countdown jobs to do before bed tonight… and it’s already after midnight (again!). So thank you so much for reading – we really do feel like our beautiful home is starting to reveal it’s true colours to us (and hopefully to you too) – and it is so much more than we hoped it would be – well beyond our wildest dreams to be honest!

Until next time….xxxx

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