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Five Things Friday

Look how quickly I’m settling into blogging…. a bloggers tradition apparently, and I applaud it’s simplicity!

  1. Joined the NuNomad Tribe . Carmen, who created NuNomad has been an on-line friend ever since she first interviewed me for the site in 2007 and again in 2008, and in 2009! Really hoping that our trip next year will mean our families actually get to meet!
  2. The other day this little book arrived in the post from my Mum  –     She told me she’d been doing the exercises for a month, and felt so great she was impelled to send us a copy!  So now I’m a week in to doing my five ancient Tibetan exercises every morning… much to the merriment of the rest of the family.  My chakras are spinning again, and I’ve never felt better! A mere amateur compared to Hillsand her real Yoga sessions (mine last 5 mins!) – but if I can look anything like my beautiful  Mum at 60, never mind nearly 70 – I’ll be happy!

    Mum and I

    3. Totally inspired by the story of Skeletons the movie – I heard an interview on the radio earlier this year, and have been a fan of their facebook page ever since. A truly fantastic tale of clever generous marketing, with hugely deserved rewards – do check it out.

    4.Just enjoy –  this elderly couple giving a spontaneous performance in a hotel lobby – made me smile!

    5. And now I’m off out to L’Ours Macon for a friday night live concert by the sensational local band  Shaman Tribu. Joe is doing the sound and lights tonight, and it promises to be a night of very live music – lucky me!



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  1. mannyatkins says:

    Have to say last night’s concert was out-of-this world. It sounded fantastic, Joe’s a genius! Just the most energising life-giving music and the best atmosphere.

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