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Five things Friday…leaving on a jet plane Saturday

1. The Girl EffectI’ve just read Hills’ brilliant most recent eyechai blog – ‘help matters’, with my girl Beth. Please read it too, and raise awareness by joining the girl effect blogging campaign. The Girl Effect is a refreshingly up-beat celebration of information sharing –  with life changing consequences. Truly the internet at it’s best in my view.

2. Poet Hollie McNish – I heard Hollie being interviewed on a Woman’s Hour podcast (11th November) as I drove to work the other day. Loved her poetry, and the original way she presents it, and played it to Harry later in the car –  hoping he’d love it too (he’s a real poetry fan). He did, and when we got home he bought her beautiful album Touch for me.

Thank you Harry.

Touch by Hollie McNish

A collection of spoken word, poetry and music...

3. The whole family is so into Glee


The songs; the musical arrangements; the dance routines; the comedy; the characters; the issues addressed. Wonderfully found – it really knows what it is. Laughter, tears and regular goose-bumps from the singing…Last weekend seven of us (including Karine, Luke’s lovely girlfriend) squished on the sofa/floor and had a Glee-fest catching up on old episodes. Trouble is we’re up-to-date now and have to wait for the new ones!

4. Just finished the gripping roller-coaster of Either you’re in or you’re in the way – Noah and Logan Miller’s account of the making of their film Touching Home with Ed Harris. Thank you so much Hills for sending a copy to Joe and I – he’s just finished it too, and it really took us back... so much to relate to for us both, but also just a great tale of sheer positive determination winning against all the odds.

My kind of story…


and 5. MY FAMILY…the extended one


We’re off to the UK tomorrow to celebrate my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary… there’ll be more to tell, about the weekend … and about my extraordinary and very special parents!

26th November 1960

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  1. Hillary says:

    so much important and fun stuff packed in this post … so glad to hear you loved the book!
    have a blast at the golden wedding celebration. now that’s an achievement!
    let’s catch up when you return. xh
    ps – i’m a huge gleek, too!

  2. Tara Mohr says:

    Manny –
    Thanks for jumping in and participating in The Girl Effect campaign. I agree this is the internet at it’s best – connecting to community, to important causes and using social media to get people educated and mobilized to do good!
    Enjoyed reading about you and your family as well – can feel your love for life in every post!

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