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Five Things Friday – Excitement is in the air…


1.We’ve finished the re-edit of If you ever get to heaven

after the most exciting , creative and satisfying few weeks of Joe and I tweaking and adjusting – adding new music, trimming frames… the kind of detail that I find absolutely delicious… Now it’s time to get it out there! And that’s coming together too – more to follow!

2. Joe has a stunning new-look website for his events design company 43 Media

and a new focus and energy to go with it! The house is buzzing with optimism and creativity!

3. Instagram!

Oh Thank you Hills, for pushing us into the world of Instagram – what a delightful new pleasure – so simple to use and such instant gratification!!

4. I was reminded this week of a wonderful short film by Amanda Waring this week – What do you see? which I was very proud to appear in – do take a look, it’s a passionate tribute to her mum Dorothy Tutin, and a challenge to all of us to treat the old with dignity –

What do you see? by Amanda Waring

5.  Survive France Network

– this wonderful site, so cleverly conceived really succeeds in offering a social network for us Brits in France… full of interesting passionate people…It has already linked us up with some great new contacts.

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