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As summer turns an autumn red…

OK – That’s too long without a post! Here we are on the 1st of October, and today is a day to celebrate! Not for any particular news or progress on the myriad of projects I want progress on, but today has just been so breathtakingly beautiful.


I took a walk this morning- needed to get out, having spent too many hours at the computer… also Joe and I have committed to taking a fast walk a day – getting ourselves into shape before the winter sets in, and I have to confess to being pretty lax while he’s been away this week!



So off I went, and what a joy it was! The colours and the smells of Autumn, the warmth of the sun on my skin… and big confession…. I was shamelessly listening to myself sing…and it made me smile!



Here’s the thing…

We  had a summer at home this year – with a house full of wonderful guests, coming and going throughout the holiday. It was fabulous – old friends and new; surprise visits; and some new French friends… (who paid!) through a brilliant set-up called “Host In France”, staying with us to perfect their English. Financially it saved our bacon, as I don’t teach in the summer hols, but much more than that we made some really lovely new connections with some very special people, and had a wonderful time with some of our bestest friends too!

Oh what a feeling!

I intentionally tried to step away from the computer a bit… and fight the curse of the self-employed, where all relaxation time could and should be spent achieving something …it’s a hard habit to break, but I really reaped the rewards of walking, talking, cooking, eating and drinking with friends and family.

On the day Mel and her boys and the lovely Laura coincided chez nous, I also found myslf playing a concert locally – at Central Bar in Tence.

Central Bar- the place to be!

Well needless to say I had a ball! We packed the place, Joe made me sound great, and I remembered just what a huge part of my life singing (and performing) plays.

So it was with my little repertoire safely packed in my bag (and backing tracks on my laptop) that we set off to Paris at the end of the summer… just Joe and I, to a great friend’s 50th birthday party/mini-music-festival.

Joe kitted out the stage with Saul and we created a very tasty venue… guests arrived, incredible cocktails were prepared and drunk, and I found myself playing my entire set. (I’d hoped to sing a song or too, but this was way beyond my expectations) – there  were some class musicians there – and I really felt like a player!

During the evening, and into the following day, I spoke to the dynamic Charly Doll,  an uber-talented drummer, who is determined to set up some Paris gigs for me to play with him and his fellow musicians from Peach Noise…. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt!

Feeling Good...

So when we got home, Joe brilliantly recorded a bunch of tracks with me  here at the 43 Media  studio (home) to send to the guys in Paris – He is, in my (humble but sharply critical) opinion, the most sensational sound engineer, and I’m thrilled with what we’ve produced-

Have a listen and tell me what you think!
[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”360″ params=”” url=”″]

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