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Day 2 at Lycée…

A 6am start – well that’s a shock to the system at the best of times!

Two good classes with the Secondes (14/15 years old)… followed by a tricky afternoon class.

I’ve now met all but one class of my 147 pupils (how will I ever remember their names!!)

Whilst the Premieres feel like young adults, the Secondes are really still children, and whilst I never lost control, it’s clear that I need to take back the reins a bit tomorrow morning with 2E and let them know just who’s boss!

I’m so lucky to have Beth and Harry’s experienced advice when I get home.

I’ve always tried to make my teaching as “un-schooly” and informal as possible… and whilst this works well with adults and in one-to-one classes, it’s clearly  a bit idealistic inside the lycée system! As Beth and Harry both pointed out (and I see the proof in their conscientious attention to homework and “notes” – in France school life is a constant run of tests and keeping your overall average as high as you can), if they don’t think I’m “noting” their work, they don’t take it seriously…

learning curve for me..and for them too!  We’ll be having a test on Monday!

Tonight I had my Chamber of Commerce evening class – 5 delightful and gentle over-60’s for two hours… so a long old day, but the drive is breathtakingly beautiful as the autumn colours change daily.

The long and winding road...

And so to bed…after a bath and a bit of preparation for tomorrow.. when astonishingly I have to it all again!

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