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Christmas is a-coming

Thought I’d just have a little catch up on the year – as much for me to reflect as for anyone else!

It’s been quite a year of big changes and celebrations – Joe and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, (and Joe’s 50th birthday) and had the most wonderful weekend of fun here in beautiful Bas en Basset. We hired a local gite and friends past and present, and as many family members as could make it, gathered to share it with us.1907545_10204295643212898_2033275586956142298_nIt was just magnificent to catch up with old friends, some we hadn’t seen for years and years! Even with those who couldn’t actually come, there has been a re-connection, and I’ve loved it!

On the family front, Luke has moved back to the region from Paris, and is working with Joe at 43 Media. A complete joy to have him so close. He has a beautiful apartment in nearby Monistrol.

And Harry and Armel have got engaged!! Wedding planned for August next year – so so exciting! They are now living in Paris again, in the most wonderful garret apartment in the 5th Arrondissement.


They were there through the terrifying Nov 13th attacks, and caught up in the false alarm panic on the Sunday in La Place de la République, which was so shocking.

Frightening times… with frightening consequences!


But they are defiant in their love of Paris, which is wonderful – Harry is continuing to grow his web design business, and Armel is working on her Masters degree at The Sorbonne.


I’ve already written about Mum’s writing , and now Walnuts is indeed published and looking beautiful:12274593_1492442347726628_3416688722885572571_n

If you haven’t already, do check out her website Pat and like our facebook page and all that jazz.

Mum and I had a first this year – we spent a week in Portugal together – just us -it was so precious – words can’t describe… we talked and talked and laughed and ate and drank and swam – simply heaven!


She’s currently working on a fascinating third novel called Best Way Out about voluntary euthanasia, set in the near future. It’s going to be another corker!

This Christmas will bring all the family together for the first time for a few years – what a treat, I can’t wait!


10168064_1051501494884114_6318381517945235751_n.jpgThank you for reading this little update – and a very merry Christmas to you wherever you may be!

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  1. Karen Alcock says:

    Oh lovely blog! And a very merry Christmas and a happy, happy new year to all of you!! xx

    1. mannyatkins says:

      Thank you Karen – hope life is sweet for you! x

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