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A whole new world…

I’m very excited to report that I’m about to become the new Prof D’Anglais at Harry’s Lycée –Leonard De Vinci in Monistrol.

Harry and friends...

Starting on Wednesday 2nd November, I’m taking over from Emilie who’s on Maternity Leave. I’ll have seven classes of 16-18 year olds; I’ll be writing reports… seeing parents at parents evening… hanging out in the staff room…and getting up horribly early for at least the next 4 months – who’d have thought it!

I’m going to try and chronicle it here on my blog- it’s such an enormous challenge and I’m so fired up and ready for it… let the party begin!

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with Beth to kit me out in “teacher-appropriate” clothes!!

And today I’m getting my office in order…as you can see!

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  1. sophie says:

    That is fantastic Manny ! You will be absolutely brilliant…can’t wait to hear more.
    Love Soph x

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