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A whole new world…

I’m very excited to report that I’m about to become the new Prof D’Anglais at Harry’s LycĂ©e –Leonard De Vinci in Monistrol.

Harry and friends...

Starting on Wednesday 2nd November, I’m taking over from Emilie who’s on Maternity Leave. I’ll have seven classes of 16-18 year olds; I’ll be writing reports… seeing parents at parents evening… hanging out in the staff room…and getting up horribly early for at least the next 4 months – who’d have thought it!

I’m going to try and chronicle it here on my blog- it’s such an enormous challenge and I’m so fired up and ready for it… let the party begin!

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with Beth to kit me out in “teacher-appropriate” clothes!!

And today I’m getting my office in order…as you can see!

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  1. sophie says:

    That is fantastic Manny ! You will be absolutely brilliant…can’t wait to hear more.
    Love Soph x

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