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I was so excited to share the kitchen progress last blog that I didn’t talk about last summer !

We had the most beautiful long, hot summer last year – a glorious few weeks of all the family here at the same time… and the big excitement of the birth of our second grandson Noah Alexander on August 10th – a little brother to Oscar.

Summer kitchen or Oslo’s café

With the ground flattened in autumn ’22 , we started in June ’23 to create our outside kitchen – and it grew and grew in detail. It was such a fun project. First job was to sink the two big posts which would give us something to hang our camouflage net from to give us some shade.

Once we had created this heavenly sanctuary, Joe put in an electricity supply and we added a fridge (which then had to have a shelter built to protect it from the rain and the heat of the sun); the plancha of course ! The old kitchen island; a little basin fed by source water; coffee machine… and we then spent the rest of the summer there !

Why Oslo’s?

Once the fish and water plants were installed, the most beautiful frog made his home in the flower bed – we called him Oslo… and pretty soon the outside kitchen was re-named in his honour !

Summer in pictures

As I’m writing this in March ’24, we have a meter of snow outside – so it has warmed my heart to look back through these golden sun-soaked summer memories ! Family visits – my sister Sasha and her gorgeous family came for a week and Beth and Harry spent a glorious few weeks here.

Then on August 10th, Noah Alexander Atkins was born – he is… of course… perfection !

So there we have it … summer 2023 in a nutshell, and a new mini Atkins to join the gang.

I’m going to get this up – and catch up on the staircase and Christmas next time !

Thank you for reading !

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