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The Family



August 2016 – the family expands!

So 2016 was the year Harry and Armel got married! What a day that was!

So much has changed since I wrote this family page – glance through the blogs if you want to find out more!

Luke, Me, Beth, Arty, Joe and Harry

So here we all are – in our garden in France;  we’ve lived here since 2008 after a year of travelling with the children  all around Europe.




Joe… my husband, business partner and best friend!

Joe has been a lighting designer for the last 25 years; working in theatre: West End and on Broadway;  lighting conferences and exhibitions – in fact he was the youngest lighting designer to have a show on Broadway. When we moved to France he created43 Media (we live in department 43), and we set up 43 Pictures together to make films.

We’ve been married for 21 years – and it’s been a blast!


Luke is 20, and at University in St Etienne, having got his Science Baccalaureate last summer –

He’s a dancer,  musician, song-writer, (his name will take you to his facebook music page), and a great sportsman.


Harry, at 16, is at Lycée. He is a technical genius – coding and designing websites, (click his name to check out  his site); designing 3D models, and generally riding the cutting edge of technology like a wave to be surfed. He’s a formidable drummer, and he too is a dancer. At this stage, this blog has been set up by me alone…without his patient guidance…this is a first, and I don’t expect it will be long before I need him!


Beth is 13…my beautiful daughter, she sings, plays guitar, writes her own songs, takes fantastic photographs, makes movies and is already a very clever editor- check out her youtube channel – (her name will link you).


And Arty – aged 11, footballer (played goalie for the local team) and now golfer; he’s wise beyond his years, always grasping the bigger picture.

(These gorgeous portraits were taken by Joe  – even the one with him in! – check our more of his photography on his site)