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Change of plan…

One thing my life has taught me is never to fear a change of plan!

I started this blog last September with an eager desire to take the family on a US Roadtrip this summer. Well the year has headed in a different direction, and it’s clear that we won’t be making the trip this summer.

My Dad – Jeremy Paul – the most wonderful bear of a man… who has played such a huge role in my life; in all my decisions; in my philosophy; in my parenting…
My Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago.


There is no treatment on offer, and it’s clear that time is short… and so he and Mum embark on their own extraordinary adventure – fearless and positive… as always – a true example to us all.

This year we’ll be staying this side of the Atlantic…

I have absolutely not given up on the dream of our US  Roadtrip: one of the great treats of starting this blog has been the wonderful network of new contacts I’ve made. I can assure all those who welcomed and invited us to pass their way… we will be taking up the offers… just a little later than originally planned!

And when the time is right, I now think that it might be a new project that propels us…

While we tick along here living our idyllic French lives

always slightly overstretched in the cash-flow department, but still with a roof over our heads,  good food on the table, and music in our hearts…  my new goal is to chase a distribution deal for “If you ever get to heaven“.  Hand it over for the best price we can negotiate; pay back our investors; pay our collaborators… and let it go. Move on. It has dominated our lives for so long, I think it would be healthy to get our heads round something new!

Don’t get me wrong – “If you ever get to heaven” still fills me with pride.  Joe is currently doing a brilliant re-working of the music and the sound-track, after a fabulously creative and productive week with our composer and friend David Coburn. As Producer,  I’m really excited by the small adjustments and fine-tuning… and I have to say I’m awed by Joe’s skill, patience, and good judgement.

Other work permitting, he hopes to have completed this version by the end of April.  I think we will then organise another screening locally… check that we’re happy with the changes… and then I’m off in search of distribution!

I’ll keep you posted!

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